Diana (tigerface) wrote in la_la_land,

So I had this really weird dream last night involving Halloween, albinism, and Ville Valo. 'Twas quite interesting. It's rather lengthy, but I encourage you to read it, sheerly for the entertainment value.

Lauren, Danielle, and I were taking some funky class, and Ville Valo was our teacher. He was wearing a seriously purple suit, white shirt, and a black tie. We were learning some sort of spell to cure albinism that involved a small furry animal in its last moments of life.

I remember that the person had to hold a chain up in a triangle shape against a wall (it would stay up there when left), then turn around and hold up the animal wrapped in a towel and say some sort of incantation. Some wisps of smoke would rise from it, and then the person would not be albino.

Then for some reason we had a substitute, and the substitute was stupid and made us sit and do nothing. He went to the bathroom though, and we snuck away from my driveway. (Yes, the class took place on my driveway. Wtf?)

So we were walking around the neighborhood when Danielle stops and says, "Oh-no, I think I'm albino." We're all like, "Oh crap!" even though she doesn't even look albino. But apparently she was.

We head back to my driveway, and the substitute is gone. We grab our books and stuff to set out on a journey to find an animal, but then we have to go to Outback for my brother's birthday. It was cool though, because Amber was there.

Finally we set out on our journey, even though we're just journeying around my neighborhood. We find a hedgehog, and decide to use it. We didn't have to do anything to it, because it was already dying, so w00t.

We came back to my driveway to perform the spell, and Ville is laying on my driveway in all my purple-suited glory ... dead! We're all really sad, and then Lauren says some really cheesy line like, "Let's do it."

Danielle holds up the chain, then picks up the hedgehog and says the incantation thing. Suddenly, she is not albino! Even though she didn't look albino in the first place. But apparently we all knew she wasn't albino anymore anyway, because there was rejoicing.

Then, oddly, it was Halloween. That part was weird because my brother's birthday is at the end of April.

We rejoice, and decide to run around the block. Everyone's out in their yards waving at us, and everyone, including the adults, is costumed. I remember specifically one moment when we were all running and laughing, then realize that some tall guy dressed as a ghost is running and laughing with us. We screamed/laughed and kept going.

So we keep running, and we come around the back of the neighborhood and see Neville Longbottom. We wave enthusiastically, saying, "Omg, hey Neville! I love that kid," and this made him feel very cool. He was wearing a Sesame Street shirt.

We finally arrive back at my driveway, and Ville Valo is alive! We're all very happy about this, and there is much hugging. He commends us on our excellent work with the spell. We're all rejoicing, there's a dead hedgehog lying around, and no one knows why the heck Ville Valo decided to reject his rockstar lifestyle for a teaching job on some girl's driveway.
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