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la_la_land's Journal

Recollection of Dreams/Nightmares
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This community is where you can write about your adventures that you have in lalaland.

lalaland lah'lah'lahnnd-(n.) 1. the world in which your subconscious mind wanders to. 2. the nonexistent space that your mind creates. 3. a glimpse of the afterlife?

Long ago, once awoken in a cold-sweated fright, I had grabed a pen and paper in the darkness of the night, and joted down every single thing that I could remember, never to forget the terror during that last night of December. As I awoke the next morning and read what I had written, I was fancied at the experience I had gone through and been in. And so my resolution had become apparent that news years day: that from this day on, i will think nothing is 'just a dream', it is a life that i live almost everyday, from the fall of Dusk to the rise of Dawn. ~Lucid Lex

p.s.- don't forget to keep a pen and paper handy next to your place of slumber!