russiantsaritsa (russiantsaritsa) wrote in la_la_land,

My Dream Last Night

I had a dream last night that I saw some really old friends... we were united again. After that was over, I went to some random school. Then, I saw my "boyfriend" or whatever he was supposed to be in the dream. He offered to take a stroll with me. Then, here comes my grandma randomly out of the blue. She says she'll drive us somewhere. He takes me inside this restaurant/bar. He says, "Let's have a date alone." I'm like, "Oh yeah!"
So we sit down at the bar and he says he'll treat me to dinner. I just remember hugging onto him and feeling so much love. I think I smooched him... I woke up. Btw I recognized this guy... He's my brother's friend in real life... Weird dream, right?? I just remember waking up and it felt so real. I wanted to go back because I felt love... real and true love.
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