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okay, i just joined this community.

a minute a go.

so, a night ago i had this dream that has really bugged me.

there was this new reality show and people were pretty much playing chicken with various stunts and this was the first one ever and i was standing in front of these two people.

these two people put on these silver chain shirts and were told they were going to be electrocuted but it wouldn't hurt them.

so they were laughing, having a good time and couldn't wait for their pay.

then they electrocuted them and it looked like their faces had melted away and they were crying and yelling at me, "how could you do this? we trusted you." only they didn't say it. i just heard it.

then it ended, i woke up and cried and couldn't get their faces out of my head.

and everytime i see their faces in my head i cry.

so, anybody care to analyze?
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