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I had this dream on Sunday Feb.29th yet I keep thinking about it, so I'll post it.

It was another tidal wave dream- (I've had many intense tidal wave dreams in my life- each one different).
THIS time I was in a tall building in a city....on a floor about midway up...with someone else (I cannot bring up a clear memory of who). We knew 'it' was happening...
It was night and the city lights glittered outside the window...but we could see this immense water/wave rising out there and we filled with dread- and when it rose higher than our view we were filled with the 'OHHH SHITTT' feeling... Nowhere to run, no time, this was it. I didn't know if it was better to go closer or further from the window..thinking- the glass!...but there was no time- it happened...
I can't remember much but the impact was crazy, everything (water/glass/debris) rushing 'past' me...and taking the skin right off my body. But 'I'M ' still there, not moving! I am Skinless...like an anatomical model...all blood and muscles showing...but I am strangely calm and flying! I have these large pure white beautiful wings attached to my skinless body and I feel an odd relief and Power and exhiliration! Up on a rooftop? My thighs/legs feel SO strong, I smiled with the feeling and crouched ready to jump/fly again...
And then this strangely guilty smug desire to show off just a bit- to elicit fearful awe, to see just one or two humans react to my new/old form. I just felt so powerful...a strength that was mine and that I had 'missed' in my 'Darlene' form.
strange, no?
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