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This is from a little while back

Last night I had a dream that I was running through Castle Wolfenstein with a group of friends. We were running from the fire and it was right behind us. All we had to do was escape the castle and we would be safe. We were running and running and I was in front but I kept pulling them forward and helping them to stairs and just making sure no one was left behind. We finally got to a room where the exit was and we could see outside. It was snow covered out there. I remember that everyone was just running and I slowed down to let them all run out before me. Then I just stopped. They were yelling, "Aden come on!" But I just looked at them knowing it was for the last time. I sat down and then the flames caught up and engulfed the room. I felt my skin burning and I put my hands up in fists to the sides of my head and just curled up to let myself burn away. The fucked up thing was that I didn't wake up or anything. I was just laying there burning for a long time, just waiting to die. Finally everything went black and I guess that meant that I finally did die. That was the end of my dream.
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