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Wednesday, December 18th, 2013
8:38 am
My Dream Last Night
I had a dream last night that I saw some really old friends... we were united again. After that was over, I went to some random school. Then, I saw my "boyfriend" or whatever he was supposed to be in the dream. He offered to take a stroll with me. Then, here comes my grandma randomly out of the blue. She says she'll drive us somewhere. He takes me inside this restaurant/bar. He says, "Let's have a date alone." I'm like, "Oh yeah!"
So we sit down at the bar and he says he'll treat me to dinner. I just remember hugging onto him and feeling so much love. I think I smooched him... I woke up. Btw I recognized this guy... He's my brother's friend in real life... Weird dream, right?? I just remember waking up and it felt so real. I wanted to go back because I felt love... real and true love.
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Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006
4:31 am
Another Nightmare
For some reason, this had Batman in it, along with cute woodland creatures.
Anyway, some little girl that Batman had in the keeping of these friendly woodland animals decided it would be alright to murder the oldest mouse ever with an icepick. Cue flashback on Mouse telling Dora Squirrel (I think she was a squirrel) that she'd tell her immediately should she ever be murdered.
Dora enters this room , and Mouse, with her guts hanging everywhere, says "Dora...I've been MURDERED!!'
Dora screamed, and I woke up with "MURDERED" echoing in my head.

Also, whatever builiding this happened in appeared to be flying.

Current Mood: sleepy
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Sunday, April 30th, 2006
11:00 am
I seem to remember a series of nightmares a while back. In all of them nothing necessrily happened, but somehow, I knew I was going mad (insane) in all of them. These are the first nightmares that send me sitting bolt upright in bed, genuinely afraid, since I was in the 5th grade. They've not recurred since then, but it's had me slightly worried ever since.

Had anyone else had to deal with such dreams?

Current Mood: okay
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Tuesday, February 7th, 2006
10:20 pm
The Dreamsbox & Sinsbox Projects | share dreams and sins
Hey all,

I was on blinklist and saw the following article about dreamsbox.com and sinsbox.com. Since its revelant to this community, I thought I would share it:

"2 documentation projects emerged this month to spearhead a new push in the Web 2.0 era for simplicity. The Dreamsbox (http://www.dreamsbox.com) Project seeks to document the world's dreams, allowing for anonymous posting of dreams along with the creations of free personal dream diaries. The Sinsbox Project (http://www.sinsbox.com) seeks to document sins and secrets, allowing for anonymous confessions and submissions of expressional art. Both projects allow for a unique rating system..."

Both projects are actually pretty addictive and fun. I love the fact that they're simple to use but their design kinda suck and sinsbox.comis a bit too dark and scandalous for me but nonetheless i'm addicted. As it turns out the guy who started the 2 projects went to school with me back in the days! Now I guess he's an internet junkie. haha! Anyways, please spread words about these 2 projects to friends and family if you can through word of mouth or through your own postings. In general, I just think that these two projects are very decent in terms of what they're trying to do. Read the "about" page to learn how cool these people are.


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Tuesday, February 15th, 2005
10:43 pm
Your Heart Is Dead It's Way Past Beating
I had an odd dream the other night. My boyfriend and I were in a department store and we were shopping for household items. This was because we were getting ready to move in together. We're both 17 so this isn't what we're planning just yet and I doubt very much that we will ever move in together. So it's just weird that I would dream this. It's not like it's one of my desires or anything. It was just odd to wake up and remember it.

Current Mood: happy
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Monday, February 14th, 2005
5:14 pm
I had a strange dream a few nights ago. I was with my former best friend Sad and we were still friends and she was showing me this one place... it was like a beach, but the water was kinda murky and stuff, like a swamp. And on one side there was woods, on the other cliffs and out in the middle, jutting right out of the water was a plateu and on it, you could see gravestones sticking up. So she was telling me that she'd climbed up there one time, but the only way to get down was to jump. She said it was really disgusting up there. So I wanted to go, of course. And I swam out to the cliffs (for some reason I was in a fancy light blue dress with a ballerina type skirt, all long and poofy) and there was this ladder going up and at the bottom, reaching out of the water was this skeleton looking hand, but getting closer I could tell it was made out of cement and a few fingers were missing. So that scared me and I turned back and there was this... basket/chair thing in the water, covered with snakes and I got closer and some were coral/milk snakes onlu the colours weren't stripes, they were spots like you'd see on an albino python or something. There were also these emerald green and black snakes that I almost knew were poisonous so I got Sad and asked if the others were too... so she said, "Let's see" and went over and picked up a green one and was like... taming it or something cos it was trying to bite her. Then she threw it in the water. So I went over to the side by the woods and just... fell flat in the water, but this was the really murky part and it was shallow. So I got on this one thing like a deck and was looking in the water and it was too murky too see anything, but something was rippling the surface of the water so I didn't want to go in. Then Sad said, "Look! Squirrells!" so I looked and there were three squirrells in a tree harassing this grey kitten. So I went over and the squirrells ran off so I pulled the kitten out of the tree. It was unharmed and super fluffy and sweet so I wanted to keep it. I took him and went to this place I was staying at... this house type thing where my Ohio friend Jessica, my sister, and my uncle and his boyfriend were. Jessica and I were fighting or something so she had taken one bed and Bethany took the other. So I went down in this basement (with the kitten) and it was bigger than the upstairs. Like mansion big. My uncle and his boyfriend were asleep there so I went down into another basement and there were all these kid's toys like those puzzle block things and stuff and a TV which was on, but as far as I knew no one had been down there. So there was this little alcove thing with a desk and over that was a bunk bed type thing with no mattress, just these comfy pillows. So I was gonna sleep there. But I went to check out the other rooms first and there was another bed, but after I saw that I woke up. That was a cool dream. Odd and creepy at times... but really cool.
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Friday, February 11th, 2005
8:01 pm
My name's Lani. I'm 17, live in Texas (I hate it here), but hopefully after graduation I'll be going to an art school in Oregon or Washington to study photography. I love dreaming. I have really strange dreams all the time, but usually they're strange in a cool way, although lately I've had some rather... creepy dreams. Like the other night. My leopard gecko started shedding her skin so that night I had this dream that all the skin on my face was peeling like hers was, hanging off in huge loose sheets, and I had to go to school like that... kind of odd. But I have odder ones. That one was just odd in a funny way. Yeah. I ramble a lot, in case you hadn't already sort of guessed that. Other things about me... I love tea. And chocolate. And I'm a complete bookworm. I also love music of all kinds, besides most rap and heavy metal. My favourite band is Counting Crows. I don't have many "friends" offline. I'm too quiet for anyone to really notice me. But I do have a couple close friends online and a fiancee who had to move 300+ miles away so we only get to talk online now. I love antiques and all sorts of unique knick knacks and whatnot. And that's pretty much all I can think of to say about myself. Thank you for reading this... or skimming through it, works either way.
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Wednesday, February 9th, 2005
10:23 pm
Hello. I just joined
I sometimes have really horrific nightmares and so I like to write them down to think them over
I also tend to have dreams that make no sense
Until next time...
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Wednesday, October 13th, 2004
5:42 pm
Its the mod...Welcome
Come to the Community about Night Terrors and Night Time disorders.

This is not only a sharing/stories/experiences community

This is also a support community

so feel free to come in and share your experiences or get help from other experiences.

I am the Moderater...if you have questions feel free to email me ashenangel666@yahoo.com


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Wednesday, July 28th, 2004
7:13 pm
Holy Incest Batman !! Looks Like Eveybody's Related Afterall !!

..So Eveybody's not just "Brothers and Sisters in God's Way" anymore.
...So i just wanted to say "Hello" to all my other relatives out there!

All 6 Billion of ya'll

Current Mood: jubilant
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7:10 pm
Holy Incest Batman !! Looks Like Eveybody's Related Afterall !!

..So Eveybody's not just "Brothers and Sisters in God's Way" anymore.
...So i just wanted to say "Hello" to all my other relatives out there!

All 6 Billion of ya'll

Current Mood: jubilant
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Saturday, July 24th, 2004
10:08 pm
okay, i just joined this community.

a minute a go.

so, a night ago i had this dream that has really bugged me.

there was this new reality show and people were pretty much playing chicken with various stunts and this was the first one ever and i was standing in front of these two people.

these two people put on these silver chain shirts and were told they were going to be electrocuted but it wouldn't hurt them.

so they were laughing, having a good time and couldn't wait for their pay.

then they electrocuted them and it looked like their faces had melted away and they were crying and yelling at me, "how could you do this? we trusted you." only they didn't say it. i just heard it.

then it ended, i woke up and cried and couldn't get their faces out of my head.

and everytime i see their faces in my head i cry.

so, anybody care to analyze?
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Wednesday, June 23rd, 2004
2:28 am
So I had this really weird dream last night involving Halloween, albinism, and Ville Valo. 'Twas quite interesting. It's rather lengthy, but I encourage you to read it, sheerly for the entertainment value.

Ch-Ch-Ch-Check it out.Collapse )
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Wednesday, April 7th, 2004
1:51 am
Hi everyone, I"m new here, i can't sleep so i'm up looking at communities...yeah...

ok...this has been bugging me since saturday. I had this strange dream on friday night, and I just don't know what it means. Those online dream dictionary things are so vague...

I don't remember what happened before or after, but I was on my way to Biology in the morning and my friend Jason stopped me and told me to skip 1st period so we could make out. So we were making out, I thought "ok, this is kind of gross for what it is, but it's kind of nice..." And I swear I actually felt it. Weird, eh? After a while of making out, I headed over to my class with about 10 minutes left of the period. They were watching a movie and I told my teacher I was late to school. And that's about it...

Current Mood: awake
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12:44 am
I had this dream on Sunday Feb.29th yet I keep thinking about it, so I'll post it.

It was another tidal wave dream- (I've had many intense tidal wave dreams in my life- each one different).
THIS time I was in a tall building in a city....on a floor about midway up...with someone else (I cannot bring up a clear memory of who). We knew 'it' was happening...
It was night and the city lights glittered outside the window...but we could see this immense water/wave rising out there and we filled with dread- and when it rose higher than our view we were filled with the 'OHHH SHITTT' feeling... Nowhere to run, no time, this was it. I didn't know if it was better to go closer or further from the window..thinking- the glass!...but there was no time- it happened...
I can't remember much but the impact was crazy, everything (water/glass/debris) rushing 'past' me...and taking the skin right off my body. But 'I'M ' still there, not moving! I am Skinless...like an anatomical model...all blood and muscles showing...but I am strangely calm and flying! I have these large pure white beautiful wings attached to my skinless body and I feel an odd relief and Power and exhiliration! Up on a rooftop? My thighs/legs feel SO strong, I smiled with the feeling and crouched ready to jump/fly again...
And then this strangely guilty smug desire to show off just a bit- to elicit fearful awe, to see just one or two humans react to my new/old form. I just felt so powerful...a strength that was mine and that I had 'missed' in my 'Darlene' form.
strange, no?
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Sunday, February 22nd, 2004
2:56 pm
I keep on having really realistic dreams that my teeth are either really wobbly or falling out. Freaking me out something awful. Any thoughts on what this could mean ( apart from me having to change my toothpaste :S) ?
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Saturday, January 17th, 2004
8:48 pm
i have a nightmare about my teeth!
i dreamt that my front tooth has three huge holes in it...
and algae is growing on the sides of my teeth...
damn disgusting!

Current Mood: sick
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Thursday, January 8th, 2004
12:29 pm
i dreamt of him last night...
him, being someone i've been liking for years.
i was trying hard to get away from places he was present.
but he managed to get near me.
and i sensed that he was a little mad wid me.
but i'm sure, now that i'm fully awake,
it's all just a dream.
a sweet dream, perhaps.
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Wednesday, December 31st, 2003
10:56 am
This is from a little while back
Last night I had a dream that I was running through Castle Wolfenstein with a group of friends. We were running from the fire and it was right behind us. All we had to do was escape the castle and we would be safe. We were running and running and I was in front but I kept pulling them forward and helping them to stairs and just making sure no one was left behind. We finally got to a room where the exit was and we could see outside. It was snow covered out there. I remember that everyone was just running and I slowed down to let them all run out before me. Then I just stopped. They were yelling, "Aden come on!" But I just looked at them knowing it was for the last time. I sat down and then the flames caught up and engulfed the room. I felt my skin burning and I put my hands up in fists to the sides of my head and just curled up to let myself burn away. The fucked up thing was that I didn't wake up or anything. I was just laying there burning for a long time, just waiting to die. Finally everything went black and I guess that meant that I finally did die. That was the end of my dream.

Current Mood: anxious
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11:12 am
i've a weird dream this morning.. hmm.. this speaks of how late i woke up!

i dreamt that i was going a date wid a guy i really like, but i can't see his face clearly at all... it seems we're both in the same company and i'm in a higher position than him... he felt uncomfortable to go out wid me and he always kept a distance... i was very sad and decided not to follow him anymore, as in he's always walking in front while i followed at the back... so, i just stayed put at my place and saw him walk away.. and i felt that'll be the end of it all, but fortunately, he walked back and held my hand! he's sort of grumbling how embarassed he would be if he's seen by his soccer mates...

hmm.. i felt so sweet when i woke up.. perhaps i should get myself a love soon?

Current Mood: blah
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